The following table provides a brief overview of the available app component types and their corresponding Java interfaces:

data-sourceDataSourceAppComponentA source of structured data like a database or SaaS application that provides some data.

*Examples: MongoDB, Google Analytics
data-storageDataStorageAppComponentA component that can receive structured data like a database or a SaaS application.

Examples: MongoDB, Google Sheets
data-filterDataFilterAppComponentA component that processes structured data and provides some output - typically providing some calculations and / or transformations.

*Examples: Google Geolocation, Machine learning services
file-sourceFileSourceAppComponentA component that can read a remote file from somewhere.

Examples: Dropbox, FTP
file-storageFileStorageAppComponentA component that can write a file available in Dexi to a remote location.

Examples: Dropbox, FTP
file-filterFileFilterAppComponentA component the performs processing of a file and then outputs a different file.

Examples: Image Filters, GZip, Transformations
file-parserFileParserAppComponentA component the parses files into structured data.

Examples: Google Vision API, CSV Parser
taskTaskAppComponentA component the is invoked whenever a new Task is created/updated/removed within the dexi system.

Examples: Jira, Trello
notificationNotificationAppComponentA component the is invoked whenever a new notification is send within the dexi system.

Examples: Twillio, Email, Slack