File Components

All file component types share the prefix file- and what they have in common is that they work with files.

The file component types are:

file-sourceReads a file from "somewhere"FileSourceAppComponent
file-storageStores a file "somewhere"FileStorageAppComponent
file-filterApplies filter to fileFileFilterAppComponent
file-parserParses file into structured dataFileParserAppComponent

All file component types share the same specification schema - which supports the following properties:

endpointThe primary endpoint of the component which performs the actual operation the component implements.

See Endpoints for the structure.
validateAn endpoint to allow your service to validate the component configuration.

See Endpoints for the structure.

See ComponentValidatesConfiguration for implementation details.
configurationStatic configuration for the component.

See Configuration Field Types for structure and options
dynamicConfigurationThis allows the configuration to be generated by your service instead of being defined directly in the YML.

See Endpoints for structure

See ComponentHasDynamicConfigurationSchema for implementation details.
outputsStatic configuration of the output schema for your component. This schema is expected to be for a single "result" row.

See Data Field Types for structure and options.
Either this or dynamicOutputs is required for file-parser
dynamicOutputsThis allows you to generate the outputs schema within your service.

See Endpoints for structure.

See ComponentHasDynamicDataSchema for implementation details.
Either this or outputs is required for file-parser