Welcome to the API. Here you'll find all you need to integrate your application with your account.

Every request sent to needs some authentication. This is done with a combination of your API key and your account id - referred to as Access key. See table below.

API Endpoint:

Text Encoding:

All requests must be encoded in UTF-8 - and all responses are UTF-8 encoded.

Your account id:

Eg: 798452458-ad70-49da-9248-

Selected API key:

Generate a new API key at

Access key:

Get your access key at

Access Key is calculated as :

md5(accountId + apiKey)

Note: some languages such as python, require
you to explicitly encode the MD5 value as
hexadecimal. In python use hashlib.hexdigest()

Required HTTP headers:

X-DexiIO-Access: { Your access key }
X-DexiIO-Account: { Your account id }
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json